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Online Roundtable

Becoming a new leader can be a daunting process. There are a ton of new things to learn and processes to go through.


Because of that, we will be putting out videos monthly to help you through a variety of different subjects you may have questions about.  Have more questions or would like to suggest a subject for next month? Click the link below or call 575-622-3461.



It Helps.

Both online and in-person training is available for all leaders. Even if you are familiar with the Scouting program we suggest that you look into these great opportunities. You can find them by clicking here.



For New Ideas.

We suggest that new leaders keep a good working relationship with their Chartered Partners and the other units it works with. It can also be helpful to attend larger Council events like summer camp or the Merit Badge College to meet other leaders. Their support and ideas can really help.



To Excellence.

Wonder what are the most important things to running a great Troop or Pack? The Journey to Excellence is a document put out by National every year to help you gauge how you are doing and what steps you can take to get better. For more info click here.

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Year of Scouting

We have put out a document called the Ideal Year of Scouting. In it, there are good details for you on how to have the most ideal year of Scouting possible. We recommend this especially for new and struggling units.

Things you can do at home- Youth Protection

Looking for something to do while you are stuck at home? Why not try going over the Youth protection guidelines with our Scout? Our Scout Executive, Lee Murdoch, walks you through it in this video.

Journey to Excellence

Learn more about how Journey to Excellence can help your unit be better and easier than ever before. 

Service Hours

An essential part of Scouting is service. Learn more about opportunities in the community, people you can serve, how to organize projects, and much more.

Things to do at home- Cyber Chip

The Cyber Chip is an important award that teaches the importance of online safety. It is a requirement for many rank advancements, adventures, and merit badges. Learn how it all works in this video.

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