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2020 Popcorn Sale

Here are some updates to our 2020 popcorn sale that all families should know!

To keep you and your Scout safe during Take Order selling, please ensure you are following the below points -

  • Wear a mask and when speaking to customers, keep a safe distance between you and them.

  • You can laminate your order form and bring sanitizing wipes after sharing form with every customer.

  • If you do not laminate, you can show the order form to your customer but do not give them the order form to hold.

  • The scout or parent can fill out the important information on the order form or on the Trails End App, as the customer shares the information

  • Utilize the credit card payment option so that you do not have to collect any money from your customer, or turn in any money to the Council upon pickup of product

If you are new to the sale, please speak with your unit leader to download the Trails End App and sync it with your unit account. This will allow your unit leader to track sales and ensure that you receive the credit for your Scout's sales for their prize point collection.

We do want to recognize the Top 20 sellers again this year as we have in the previous years, however with the uncertainty of available options in the near future, we are unsure how to plan a party. But we will recognize the Top 20 sellers (there is no minimum dollar amount) in some capacity.

If you do not have a popcorn form, or are unsure how to start, or have any questions,

please contact Patrick Smith 575 622 3461.

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