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Conquistador Council, BSA Welcomes New Scout Executive/CEO

The Conquistador Council wants to formally announce the arrival of a new Scout Executive/CEO Karl Shelton.
Karl Shelton Signs as Scout Executive

His fourteen-year tenure with the San Diego-Imperial Council, BSA included roles such as Camp Director, Director of Support Services, and Deputy Scout Executive. Prior to the San Diego - Imperial Council, Karl served as an associate pastor of family ministry in a local congregation. He has been an active volunteer in the local schools, in his church and in local Scouting and looks forward to being a part of the community. He has had an impact in the San Diego and Imperial Counties through his service and leadership. Karl’s experience collaborating with volunteers within the BSA’s mission has already impacted the organization.

“It is my privilege to come serve the families of southeastern New Mexico through the Scouting. I am already inspired by the rich history of over a century of Scouting in this area and by the support that our community members commit to Scouting.”

In his new role, Karl Shelton will lead the Conquistador Council's efforts to continue providing transformative Scouting experiences to youth throughout the region. His appointment marks an exciting chapter in our council's history, reinforcing their commitment to building character, instilling values, and preparing young people for a lifetime of leadership and service.

Chris Lauderman, Board President of the Conquistador Council, expressed his enthusiasm for Karl's appointment, stating, "We are thrilled to welcome Karl Shelton as our new Scout Executive. His proven leadership, vision, and passion for Scouting makes him the perfect choice to guide our council into the future. With Karl at the helm, we are confident that the Conquistador Council will continue to thrive."

Karl is already making visits within the Conquistador Council districts, meeting with community leaders and business groups. Contact the council offices if you would like Karl to visit your civic organization. Members of Scouting and the community leadership are encouraged to meet Karl in person at the Conquistador Council offices.

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