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In-person meetings can resume February 8th. Please read the Meeting Guidelines below to see how meetings will be conducted.

COVID-19 Meeting Guidelines_v5
Download PDF • 115KB

A few additional clarification items:

  1. Our maximum group size for a meeting including Scouts, Leaders and family members is 20.

  2. Units that meet at chartering partners with multiple areas where Scouts can meet safely can have multiple groups of 20 meet, as long as NO large group activities are conducted. If you need clarification please contact Lee Murdoch.

  3. We recognize that not every chartering partner will allow Scouting groups to meet in their facility because of potential COVID-19 exposure. If you need assistance finding an alternative meeting location please contact Patrick Smith.

  4. We appreciate that not every unit leader will be able to meet with their Scouts because of their potential exposure to COVID-19. Please continue to encourage your Scouts to participate virtually until leadership is able to meet in-person.

  5. We will continue to monitor New Mexico State Parks and when they resume overnight camping we will amend these guidelines to reflect small group camping is approved, until then please have Scouts backyard camp at least monthly.

We appreciate the stress and strain the starting and stopping of unit programming is placing on all of us. We are aware that additional revisions and steps backwards may be possible this spring, however, we know how important it is for all of us to resume in-person meetings.

We are proud of your continued efforts to enrich the lives of young people and their families through a Scouting program.

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