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Local Success Stories

In this difficult time, Scouting is more important than ever. Here are some of the things that people in our Council are doing to succeed!

One of the great Scouting events this week was up in the Clovis area. They held a food drive with Faith Christian Family Church. They had 4 locations within their building and parking lot for people to attend worship directly or remotely. They had a table at each entrance with a scouting family to receive food donations. A total of 27 people, scouts, leader and parents, participated over the 5 hours. The total weight was 935 LBs. Here is a picture of the group that dropped the food off at the Food bank warehouse. This one event planned in less than a week was more successful by 150lbs than our multi week SFF campaign the past two years. Only in 2017 did we get more food.

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