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Virtual Scouting Taskforce

To Be Prepared we are in the process of looking at ways we can most effectively facilitate a “virtual” launch IF schools in New Mexico open their years remotely. The taskforce will be focusing on how to effectively deliver our Ideal Year of Scouting calendar to families in a hybrid of real-time and recorded video content. Coordinating our program delivery this way will allow us to tap into some of the great community resources we have here in the Conquistador Council.

We need YOUR HELP! Please click here to opt-in and be a member of helping plan, promote and deliver the Virtual Scouting experience this fall.

Several meetings will be taking place this week to start this process. If you fill out the form on the link above, we will send you an invitation. The file below recaps what we have covered up to this point.

Virtual Scouting Kickoff Meeting
Download PDF • 4.09MB

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