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Unit Rechartering

2024: Rechartering Your Unit

Thank you for being a part of our organization.

All Units in the Conquistador Council should complete their recharter by December 15, 2023. Charters are processed in the order they are received, so the earlier you submit, the earlier it will be processed.

1. Review Rechartering Recources

  • Download and review the Internet Rechartering Guide. It provides detailed step-by-step instructions about the rechartering process.

  • More information is also available through the Charter Renewal Resources on

2. Make sure all adult leaders have up to date Youth Protection Training

  • You can check this through They can also do the training on this site. Make sure they print a copy of the certificate to go into the paperwork.

  • Renewal applications will not be accepted without this certificate.

3. Go to the Internet Advancements Website

  • Utilize the same login as your my.scouting profile.

  • Follow the instructions from the Internet Recharter Guide to ensure all the right adult leaders and youth are registered correctly.

  • Once you have completed the process, print a draft copy and review it with your committee or unit leader

4. Print the Unit Charter Renewal Report Package

  • New Adult Volunteer and New Youth Membership applications are needed at the time of renewal if they were not previously on the roster at the time of renewal.

  • Any Adult Volunteers changing positions from a paid position to another paid position will not require a new application.

  • Please include the printed roster and any youth protection training when you turn in your Unit renewal package to your District Executive.

5. Turn it in!

Return the packet to your District Executive or the office.

Turn in all pages. Remember, if it says "Draft Copy" on it, you'll need to print out the finalized report before turning it in. 

Want more information? Connect with one of our amazing staff members!
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