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Artesia Scouts Invade "Rotary Night" at Roswell Invaders Game

The Rotary Club of Roswell recently hosted "Rotary Night" at a Roswell Invaders baseball game, featuring a special presentation of the colors by Scouts from Pack 0270 and Troop 228. This event highlighted the strong, ongoing partnership between the Rotary Club and the Scouts, underscoring the mutual benefits of their collaboration.

Through their partnership with Scouting, the Rotary Club:

  • Provides mentoring opportunities: Club members can share their personal skills, interests, and experiences with youth participants, fostering growth and learning.

  • Builds better youth and future leaders: This collaboration helps nurture the next generation of leaders for both the community and the nation.

  • Shares Rotary’s purposes: Scouts and the broader community learn about the values and mission of Rotary through these interactions.

  • Forms enduring friendships: Future community leaders establish lasting connections and relationships.

  • Provides community service: The partnership offers a high-quality developmental youth program that consistently aligns with the Rotary Club’s mission.

  • Increases public awareness: Such collaborations enhance the visibility and understanding of Rotary’s ideals within the community.

Events like "Rotary Night" serve as a testament to the positive impact that these organizations can have when working together, fostering community spirit, and developing future leaders.

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