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ELG District Soars at Cannon AFB Family Day: A Unique Experience for Scouts

The ELG District recently had the extreme pleasure of participating in the Cannon Air Force Base (AFB) Family Day. This event provided a unique and thrilling experience for our Scouts. Thanks to Scouting America's (BSA) special charter under Congress, our Scouts were authorized to fly on Air Force platforms, a privilege outlined in Air Force Instructions. This opportunity is a testament to the longstanding relationship and mutual respect between the BSA and the United States military.

Young Scout with flight helmet on

A Unique Opportunity for Our Scouts

On this memorable day, 20 Scouts and 16 adults from the ELG District took to the skies, flying on planes typically reserved for military personnel. This exclusive experience was not extended to any other youth groups, highlighting the unique position of the BSA under its Congressional Charter. Our Scouts were thrilled to be part of such an extraordinary event, gaining firsthand exposure to military aviation and operations.

Honoring Our Military Partners

The day was made even more special by the presence of several high-ranking military officials, who took the time to engage with our Scouts and share insights about their roles and responsibilities. In the picture below, you can see some of these distinguished individuals:

Scout families and air force personnel
  • On the far left is Colonel Jeremy Bergin, Wing Commander for the 27 Special Operations Wing.

  • On the far right is Chief Colin Fleck, Command Chief Master Sergeant of the 27 Special Operations Wing.

  • In the middle, between Chief Fleck and Lt Col Cornish, is Adult Scout Volunteer BC Brenner, enjoying the moment with the Scouts.

  • Lt Col Christopher Cornish, Commander of the 33rd Special Operations Squadron, stands to my left.

  • Chad Atkinson-Adams (near the middle in the back row), Commander of the 27 Special Operations Security Forces Squadron and Scout Master for Troop 411, is also present.

  • Lt Col Philip Henrikson (to the left of Lt Col Cornish), Commander of the 27th Special Operations Air Operations Squadron and a leader in Troop 411, completes this impressive lineup.

View from the back of the aircraft, looking at another airplane

Inspiration and Education

For our Scouts, meeting these leaders and flying on Air Force planes was more than just an adventure; it was an educational experience that inspired many to consider careers in the military or other forms of public service. The interaction with the men and women in uniform, learning about their commitment and dedication, left a lasting impression on everyone involved.

A Day to Remember

Cannon AFB Family Day was a spectacular event, and our Scouts left with memories that will last a lifetime. We are deeply grateful to the Air Force for granting us this rare opportunity and to the BSA for its ongoing efforts to provide unique and enriching experiences for our youth.

This event underscored the importance of the relationship between the BSA and the military, showing how our organizations can work together to create meaningful experiences that benefit our communities. We look forward to future collaborations and more opportunities to inspire and educate our Scouts.

Thank You

Thank you to Brenner Campbell for SHARING THESE PHOTOS and stories with our team. We extend our heartfelt thanks to Colonel Bergin, Chief Fleck, Lt Col Cornish, Chad Atkinson-Adams, Lt Col Henrikson, and all the other personnel who made this day possible. Your support and hospitality were invaluable, and we appreciate your dedication to our Scouts and the values we uphold.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates from the ELG District as we continue to explore new horizons and create unforgettable experiences for our Scouts!

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