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Fall 2020 Update- 8/24

Hey all! This is our blog where you can find the most up to date news for our Fall 2020 Scouting program. We will be posting on this page as new changes occur. As of right now, we don't have many new updates to share with you. Here are a few minor tweaks we have made to the program since our meeting last week:

-Due to security concerns, we will no longer be posting the Zoom links to every meeting on the fall 2020 website. Instead, that will be sent out through the Scoutbook system. Under calendar, you will be able to access the agenda for each meeting. In the "location" portion of this calendar entry will be the zoom link to get into your meeting.

-Since we won't be able to share the Zoom link on the webpage, we are going to be having signups for each merit badge class and virtual tour on the Blackpug registration site. It won't cost anything. It just keeps the meeting more secure and has the added bonus of being able to print off blue cards when the merit badge class is over.

What's better than Scouting? Scouting with a friend! Remember, if you have any youth you'd like to get into Scouting, we are going to be holding drive in sign up nights next week in each town. There they will be able to have their questions answered, get a goody bag, and can get registered- all from the comfort of their car. You can find locations at

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