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How Families Can Join the Adventure of Scouting

Updated: Sep 3, 2020

Whether it's going hiking, sending their Pinewood Derby car barreling down a track at a hundred miles an hour, shooting archery, or learning cool things about the world around them, Scouting has something for every type of family.

In this difficult time, it is more important than ever for youth to be able to have fun in a way that fosters traits like cheerfulness, kindness, and good citizenship. Scouting can provide opportunities for families to participate together in fun new activities that will bring them closer together.

Currently, any youth that would like to join Scouting can join either a small in-person group or can take part in a virtual program during this fall. The meetings that will be taking place face to face will be upholding the highest health standards which are in line with both state orders and CDC guidelines.

Virtual meetings are available to help those who don't feel comfortable meeting in person or who don't have units nearby that they can meet in person with. These meetings will be held over Zoom with additional resources from our Scoutbook website. (Details on how to work these things will be emailed to each member who would like to participate. Information is also available at


Know someone that would like to join? We will be holding drive-in join nights all over the area on Wednesday, September 16. Parents can drive up, learn a little bit about Scouting, and can sign up online from the comfort of their car. As an added incentive, everyone who joins at one of our drive in sign up nights will receive a goody bag with a handbook, a belt, a pinewood derby car, and more! For a complete list of locations or to register online, go to

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