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As you well know, this year hasn’t gone according to plan for just about anything. However, we are finding a way to push forward to support our Scouting families with different opportunities for recruitment and for program delivery. Similarly, we have had to keep our 2020 Popcorn fundraiser flexible in the planning and operation. Trails End has been supportive as best as they can, and we are very grateful for the relationship we have with them as a friend and vendor.

We are placing a pause on the operation for Show and Sell portion of our fundraising efforts. We are not confident in the return of investment with this sale because we do not know how well businesses in our communities will react to our request to use their storefronts to sell. We also know that many of our charter partners have had to decrease the number of participants attending their services, which leads us to believe they will struggle to support our families fundraising at their locations.

The online sale is currently open, and youth can update their profile and reach out to past and new customers to support your program. The Take Order portion of the sale will start October 1st and will run through November 5th.

We decided to streamline the commission earning structure. Throughout this year’s fundraising sale, the Unit will earn 40% commission on sales. This means, for Online, Take Order and Show and Sell (if we can participate), your unit will earn 40% commission on sales!

We are working with Trails End to identify weekends during our sale to offer free shipping to our customers. This promotion will be council-wide and we will ensure that our unit leaders have time to properly promote to the youth.

The Online menu and Take Order menu have been adjusted from previous years. Due to various circumstances, the Take Order menu has decreased in the number of items. The chocolate items will only be available on the Online sale, but a Scout can sell that product through the Trails End App through Online Direct and the Scout and Troop will still earn commission and rewards for those items.

We will be having a training conference for our 2020 Popcorn Sale on September 23rd via web conference. An invitation will be sent to unit leaders and previous popcorn kernals to attend.

To help your Scouts sign up or update their profiles, please sign into the unit leader dashboard by using the link below. There you will find instructional videos or you can give Patrick Smith a call at the office at 575-622-3461.

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