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Conquistador Council is Now Hiring!

The Conquistador Council is moving forward with a new employee model that will directly organize new units and strengthen existing units in need and we are looking for help! Our Council is going to invest in strengthening our existing units and developing new units with a strong program and unit committee support structure. While we are strengthening our existing unit committees and ensuring they are prepared to get back to a fall recruitment season, we will also be starting new units with the following staff -

Business Development Executive

- Full time salaried position with approved business expense reimbursement to include business miles and cell phone.

- Sales driven position responsible for creating viable new relationships with new Charter Partners and existing Charter Partners by following the assigned cultivation steps in the new unit process.

- Working to create these relationships and viable unit prospects within entire Council territory and will report directly to Field Director.

Onboarding Specialist

- Part time hourly position with approved business expense reimbursement to include business miles and cell phone.

- Will receive viable Charter Partner prospects and will complete the new unit organization step by creating 12-18 month program timeline, recruiting and training adult volunteers, recruiting youth.

- This role will work with new and existing units to build strong committee function and program delivery.

- This role will work directly with new units until they are strong enough to provide program and support their families on their own.

- This role will be unique to each major district territory - e.g. El Llano Grande will works solely in El Llano Grande, Chisum Trail will work solely in Chisum Trail...

- We are looking to fill this role in ELG, CT, OP and RH and have current need for all positions.

If you are interested or know of a possible candidate, please contact Patrick Smith directly for more information and a complete official position description for both roles.

Patrick Smith - 575 622 3461 -

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