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Summer Camp Adventures Make the Perfect Holiday Gift

Give your Scout a Wehinahpay Mountain Camp adventure.

Put something amazing under the tree this year by registering your Scout for a session of Summer Camp at Wehinapay Mountain Camp.

wehinahpay mountain camp

Book your summer camp session now by registering on our reservation site.

Wehinahpay is more than a summer camp.

Wehinahpay Mountain Camp was designed to facilitate unique mountain experiences for all stages of the Scouting Program.

Situated over 8,500 feet in elevation and shaded by tall pines, Wehinahpay boasts an array of accessible programs ranging from relaxing to exciting to challenging.

  • Fishing

  • Shooting Range

  • Archery

  • Ropes Course

  • Rock Wall Climbing

  • Metal Shop

With over 30 Merit Badges to choose from, 8 Program Areas to enjoy, and unlimited memories to make, Wehinahpay Mountain Camp is the place to be!

While the highlight of our calendar is our Nationally Accredited Summer Camp Program, our property is an excellent venue for Troop outings, training courses, and getaways. Whether you love to fish, go camping, or sit in the shade- this is the place for you!

Take a look at our reservation portal to see the available camp sessions, rentals, and events.

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