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From the Desk of Karl Shelton: BUT WHAT’S REALLY CHANGED?

Updated: Jun 8

In the weeks following its announcement, the rebranding launch generated 18.4 billion impressions from 8,207 placements.  Everyone is talking about what’s changing, but let’s focus on what’s not changing

scouting america

The Scout Oath and Law have not changed in our 114-year history; neither are the Motto, Slogan, or Outdoor Code. 

Our Duty to God has not changed.  From the opening of the Oath “to do my duty to God…” to the closing of the Law, “A Scout is Reverent”.  Our Declaration of Religious Principle remains consistently strong. 

Our mission “to prepare young people to make ethical and moral choices over their lifetimes by instilling in them the values of the Scout Oath and Law” has not changed. 

Women in Scouting is not a recent change.  Our Exploring/Venturing program has been serving young women for over 50 years.  It has been five years since women were offered the opportunity to join every part of our program including working towards and earning the prestigious rank of Eagle Scout. 

Our Corporate Name remains the Boy Scouts of America and Title 36 Congressional Charter which was issued to us in 1916 is also unchanged.  Scouting America will simply be how we are known and present ourselves, particularly to the new families with daughters so that people don’t struggle with the inclusion of “Boy” in our name. 

The most important thing that has is not changing, is the Amazing Volunteers and Community Partners of Southeast New Mexico.  Scouting is always local. Community members in packs and troops serve families in their neighborhoods.   Like our chiles grown in our soil and our weather, there is a certain local flavor to us and the people of our communities that deliver the unchanging qualities of Scouting to our youth. 

Yes, I think there are great reasons for a rebrand and if it means that more youth take advantage of the opportunities Scouting can afford them - opportunities open to EVERY youth in America -  then, HURRAH!  What’s more important is that they are a part of the unchanging Values of Scouting.  I hope that all of this media frenzy simply encourages families to look at how the Boy Scouts of America, how Scouting America, can serve them as they raise their children into adulthood. 

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